A Case For Eternal Celebration

saturnalia All of our holiday traditions are based upon lies. They are all based in pagan rites and worship. Some are rooted in honoring Mother Earth, but others bind us to demonic entities. And our cultures teach us that even the demonic rites are Christian.

I sensed this truth before I knew it. It is why I resisted baptism, and why I now know that baptism binds you to the devil and not to the Creator. That is the real grand deception!

And yet, I believe we should still celebrate. Our way out is to Celebrate the shit out of that shit! The problem is with the symbolism. The meaning behind things is what gets us enslaved to evil. Did you know that wedding bands symbolize a covenant with Satan? Yet people get married in Churches thinking they are devoting themselves to the savior. Somehow we are connected to both in an unhealthy codependent relationship.

How can Celebration be your salvation? The answer is Love. Joy. Peace. And Good Will. It is not enough to feel these things but to send them out into the universe with intention. A universal prayer if you will created by singing, dancing, playing, laughing, giving gifts and sharing food. But the vigilance toward love must be constant. So make everyday a holiday until their is no room for fear or hate.

Arm yourself with the knowledge of what those symbols really are mean. Actively reject their intentions. And, it is entirely your choice to turn those symbols into weapons of love, or to create new traditions. But above all, party all that evil out of existence 365 days a year. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. For as long as we all shall live.


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